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May / June 2022
Check out 1 of our 2 Matariki puzzle packs:

  • Visualise the stories behind how the Ngā Whetū e Iwa o Matariki (the nine stars of Matariki) were created
  • Learn what the various stars represent
  • Try playing cards and several different games to help with learning the stars' names
  • And a wooden puzzle to practice the stars' locations in the sky


May 2022

To our valued members - we need your help to save the Nelson Toy Library 

As some of you will know, Nelson Community Toy Library is registered as a charity. This means we get lots of benefits, like not having to pay tax on any income we receive, and that means any grants or donations and all membership fees go straight back into running the Nelson Toy Library and improving the building, and buying new toys. 

Unfortunately being a registered charity also comes with some responsibility, we need to have a certain number of people on our committee (at least four). We also have two long-serving committee members who perform vital roles (treasurer and grant application) that are wanting to move on. These are members who have served the Nelson Toy Library for many years and it really is time for them to take a step back. 

Without new committee members, we are not sure we will be able to carry on operating the Nelson Toy Library. We feel this would be a great shame as with the rising cost of living, being able to borrow toys rather than buy them is more important than ever. 

We know that the stress of COVID-19 disruption has weighed heavily on our community and for many people, the time commitment of anything outside of work and family feels too hard, but we promise we keep this as simple as possible - meetings are once a month, preferably at the pub, and most roles wouldn't require more than an hour or two a week/fortnight. You don’t have to be a subject expert or have any particular background; the most important quality is enthusiasm and the same desire we all have to see the Nelson Toy Library continue to thrive. 

We know amongst our members there are a lot of talented, capable people that could bring skills and life experience to the committee. There are more details below. Please do consider joining us, and let's keep the Nelson Toy Library around for many more generations of Nelson's tamariki to enjoy. 


Several experienced committee members have retired and we need new and diverse members to join us!